Our Process 1

Hand Dyeing

Our dyeing technicians ensure the quality of dyeing Cashmere fiber for color matching and the evenness of shades.

These talented technicians are able to create extraordinary effects including shaded colors, tie dye effects, shibori stitch dye effects, clamp dyeing and Ikats.

Our Process 2

Handloom Weaving

We employ handloom weaving, the oldest method of manufacturing lengths of fabric, which allows us to weave more delicate fibers.

It requires a mechanical device to be manually stroked to create a weft between warp threads and it creates a distinctive and desirable character with a wide variety of possibilities from herringbone to baskets, checks and stripes in varying fabric weights

Our Process 3

Machine Loom Weaving

We reserve power loom weaving for larger orders. One supervisor looks after four loom operations, each of which turns 5x faster than a handloom.

The result is higher productivity and standardized quality fabric, textures and patterns.

Our Process 4

Hand Loom and Computerized Knitting

We produce a small number of products in hand flat knitting and for larger number of products as per requirement of customers, we produce in computerized knitting from 2.5 gauze to 16 gauze.

Our Process 5

Pre Dyed Yarn or Hand Dyeing For Knitting

In most of the cases, we use pre dyed yarn for bulk productions. For small number of products and some special colours requested from customers, we use hand dyeing too.

We can use Pantone colour guide for plain solid colour or any recommended colour book and for the pre dyeing yarn we use famous yarn supplier’s colours.

Our Process 6

Screen printing

In our surface ornamentation technique, dye paste is extruded through a patterned nylon screen mesh, transferring the design onto fabric.

Choose from options as diverse as classic stripes and animal skin patterns. All of our printed fabrics are finished with steaming and soaping to enhance color fastness and brightness.