The shipping cost depends on the weight and volume, destination, airlines that we use etc. So, the shipping cost can be determined when the order(quantity) is confirmed. For example, it costs 5$/kg for Europe, 6-8$/kg for North America, 4$/kg for Asia etc. They are the maximum costs. So, we can confirm it once details of the order is confirmed.

Our cargo agent or courier company handles every shipment until the customer receives it. They are able to handle or tackle any problem that may arise. In most of the shipment (by cargo), our agent books space in advance up-to the destination and arranges the delivery to the Airlines. Also, we can trace most of the status from internet. 

DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT are the leading courier companies in Nepal. Their cost depends on the destination (country) & weight. Heavier shipments are cheaper and lighter shipments are comparatively expensive. These courier company provides door to door delivery. They can pick up our shipments from 8AM to 8PM.